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New WiFi Camera - RemoteCAM

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LockState RemoteCAM

NEW RemoteCam by Lockstate

We've added a new WiFi camera to our product offerings - LockState RemoteCAM!

RemoteCAM is the new WiFi-connected camera from LockState. This video monitor device can be used by property owners and management companies to see 30 frames per second with clear visibility. RemoteCAM is truly a plug and play camera.

  • Works with IoS and Android smart phone apps.
  • Monitor live stream
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Install in minutes
  • Resolution at 720p
  • Works at night, even in full darkness
  • Add multiple users

Use IoS smart phone app to manage the RemoteCAM. Owners can keep an eye on their property through the live stream with a touch of the button.

RemoteCAM is part of the LockState Connect platform, which is used to manage RemoteLock WiFi door locks, LockState Connect thermostats, and LockState Connect power plugs. With these devices, Airbnb and vacation rental owners can monitor and manage their properties remotely.

Compare to other IP cameras on the market and see there is excellent value in the RemoteCAM. Learn more.