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Welcome to your source of home security without a key!

Keys No More handles high quality, dependable locks for all your needs.

Keeping your home safe with deadbolt locks and keyless door locks has never been easier to do. And all without the need for keys! You can keep all you valuables under a lock and key without the key. Simply replace your existing locks and door hardware with a keyless lock or deadbolt. Then your children can enter your home without the need to carry keys.

Ever lock your keys inside the house? Or has a family member ever lost a key? That won’t happen with our keyless lock entry systems. All a person needs to do is to approach the door, push in your self determined password and the door is open!
Are you concerned of someone stealing your password? Not a problem either, all you need to do is to change the password. You are in control and your property is secure.
Our advanced keyless locks are remotely controlled. Depending upon your needs and electronic or Wi-Fi keyless lock system could be appropriate. You trust the repairman or have a friend or neighbor that needs to water your plants or feed the dog while you are on vacation. Using a wireless electronic keyless lock system will allow you to remotely change the password or allow access at a specific time (say from 1-1:30PM only) for the needed task to be completed. The lock can be programmed to use the same password repeatedly for a designated number of days or it can be programmed to use the password once and a new password used the next time someone enters the door.
And if you are concerned with passwords getting into the wrong hands or the password being changed, why not look at biometric locks and locks? Biometric locks can be programmed for multiple persons simply by recording their fingerprint or thumb print into the lock or safe. Biometric door locks and biometric safes are available. Only the imprints registered in the lock will be granted access. Wow, no keys and no passwords but total home security.

Take control of your security with high quality, durable and dependable keyless locks, digital and biometric safes, and remote entry systems. Let your fingers touch the number pad to “Open Sesame!” Or use your computer to grant access from anywhere in the world. You’re in charge. Check out our wide selection of LockState products for both your home and business needs.