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Copied Keys & Crooked Guests

Posted by Keys No More on

Recounted by Mike B.

We have a vacation cabin in the mountains that’s ideal for skiers and snowmobilers. We’ve been renting it out for the past 16 years to families and groups of all ages. Our old “access” system was to mail a key to the guest. That way, we didn’t have to hide the key at the property and potentially have issues with guests trying to find it on arrival day.

During one spring, I was staying at the cabin for a week to do the annual spring cleaning and repair. I was loading outdoor debris and making trips to the dump, which took about 15-20 minutes between trips. By the way, I was locking the door each time I left. So, I had just made two round-trips and was coming back from my third to the cabin. All appeared normal until I entered the cabin. Inside there was a curious new look: All the electronics were gone! Read More.