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10 Things You Never Knew RemoteLock Could Do

Posted by Keys No More/RemoteLock on

RemoteLock has been facilitating the most flexible access control for operators of multifamily, vacation rental and commercial properties for well over a decade now. But we can still surprise some customers with our software’s superpowers. Read, review and revel in the robust (and sometimes overlooked) functions of RemoteLock.

1. Create a Group of Common Doors
Here’s a time-saving trick that’s particularly useful for multifamily or condo buildings. With the “Common Door” feature in RemoteLock, you can duplicate access given on another door to a group of common doors. For example, it’s frequently used on exterior main entrances. The entry is set as common to specified doors on the interior and duplicates any user added to a single interior door to the (common) main entry. Other common doors like pools and fitness centers can be added using this logic, too. Once you’ve set up a common door, when a new access user is added to an interior door, the user is automatically duplicated on the common door.

2. Create Access Schedules
Use this function so your desired access schedule is set and happens automatically without wasting time on additional manual entry. Access schedules are created via the Access tab in your RemoteLock portal and can enable things like:

  • Passage mode, so a door remains open during business hours
  • Locking/unlocking doors automatically at certain times of day
  • Exception Schedules that are set to disallow access on certain days like holidays
  • Guest access that works within specified times
  • Auto-lock, so a door automatically relocks a short time after it’s unlocked

3. Share Your Account
RemoteLock gives you granular control when customizing administrative permissions through the “Share Account” or “Members & Roles” function. Here, you can provide additional administrators or owners access to your RemoteLock account and define what they have access to. For example, if you’re running a multifamily property, you may want the property’s owners to have full administrative control of their access system. Assistant managers, however, can manage users and guests, but they can’t manage individual hardware devices or door groups, or change account or billing information. Another example: those in vacation rental may hire seasonal employees. You can easily add these employees and specify that the new assistant manager can lock/unlock doors remotely and manage schedules for housekeeping and maintenance. But he or she can’t see property owners’ access codes. There’s more to learn about this invaluable feature.

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