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Keyless Safes


Keys No More offers a complete line of top quality, dependable, durable and fireproof safes. A home safe can be a stand alone or secretly hidden in the wall. Our keyless wall safe can be retrofitted in between wall studs for a flush look behind a picture or mirror. The keyless entry removes a tell-tale signs of existence. Fireproof safes are also available to protect papers and other valuables. Eliminate the need for an expensive bank lockbox but keepi your valuables in a keyless, fireproof safe at home. Safe security with access to property whenever needed is invaluable. If you are concerned with passwords getting into the wrong hands or the password being changed, why not look at biometric locks? Biometric locks can be programmed for multiple persons simply by recording their fingerprint or thumb print into the lock or safe. Biometric door locks and biometric safes are available. Only the imprints registered in the lock or safe will be granted access. Wow, no keys and no passwords but total home security.